Please fill out the Renter Registration Form if you already have a license and are interested in renting aircraft from us.

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A check-out is required in an aircraft before you may rent it.

Our aircraft are rented “wet” (including fuel).  Hourly rates are figured in tenth hours using the Hobbs meter in the plane.

If you take an aircraft on a trip requiring fuel stops, you’re responsible for purchasing the fuel. When you return you will be reimbursed for your fuel purchases at a rate not to exceed that day’s self-serve “Field Price” upon providing receipts for your purchases. It’s prudent to try to refuel at airports with fuel priced at or below Field Price if possible. There is a two-hour per-day minimum when taking a plane for more than one day.

A current renters insurance policy is recommended when renting any of our planes. AvemcoAOPA, and many other independent aviation insurance agents offer non-owner policies.

If you need to make or change a rental that will take place less than 48 hours from now, please call (830) 494-KUVA (5882).

N738CX - RFG#2

N738CX is a 1977 160 HP Cessna 172N Skyhawk II – $175 per Hobbs hour (wet)
Click here for the:
POH / CESSNA 172N Checklist / Takeoff Distances / N738CX W&B Spreadsheet (enable Macros)
Pre-Solo Written – 172N

N3817Q is a 1972 150 HP Cessna 172L Skyhawk – $175 per Hobbs hour (wet)
POH / Cessna 172L Checklist / Takeoff Distances  / N3817Q W&B Spreadsheet (enable Macros)
Pre-Solo Written – 172L