COVID-19 GA “Vaccine”

Rethinking air travel

If you have to travel, please listen to this 2-minute article from NPR/Texas Public Radio from September 18, 2018… way before the Coronavirus was at the forefront of the media, internet, and most American’s minds. The testing revealed common-sense wisdom in the where and why of transmission, as well as sensible solutions to greatly reduce your risk of becoming ill after coming in contact with pathogens commonly found while traveling on the airlines.

Still concerned? A great alternative to the airlines and the negatives associated with them is GA (general aviation). Of course, GA is not really a “vaccine” for any disease, but it is a real way to decrease the “germ factor”. The freedom, independence, and convenience it affords are priceless.

For example, a typical trip from the Uvalde area to Norman, Oklahoma via airline (SAT to OKC) would take almost a day when you include the drive to the airport, early arrival, TSA screening, the flight, and baggage claim. If you drove it, you’re looking at roughly 10 hours with stops.

How does that stack up against GA? Even small aircraft like a Cessna 172 typically cut driving time in half or less. That trip to Norman, Oklahoma, just southeast of OKC, would have taken you 3 hours and 15 minutes from point to point.

But, what about the cost? Google shows the SAT to OKC flight at $1082 round-trip for 4 passengers and 2 checked bags when booked 10 days in advance. Add in the round-trip drive to SAT, parking, and other odds and ends and you will be spending at least $1200 to fly commercially. If you rent a Cessna 172, you’re looking at $983. That’s $29.50 per person less than the airlines! The best part… you leave whenever you want from Uvalde and don’t have to deal with the negatives of traveling commercially or the drag of driving.

How about a shorter trip? Imagine loading up the wife, little Billy and Sally and heading out to Pearland, TX to visit Grandma on Friday afternoon. A routine 5-hour drive quickly becomes 7 hours after hitting a 2-hour traffic jam at Sealey. You know the one I’m talking about… insert steam from ears emoji.

Now imagine that same trip while looking down on the traffic jam from 5,500 feet with a huge grin on your face. You breeze past a sea of red taillights in just over 8 minutes while cruising at 110 MPH. Total flight time is 2 hours and 13 minutes. After landing you grab an Uber to Grandma’s and all is right with the world.

Traffic jam lasting 2+ hours near Sealey, Texas
Same trip to Houston via Cessna 172… 2 hours and 13 minutes total time. 

The next time you sit at the big airport squirting hand sanitizer on everyone’s hands and hoping no one gets sick, imagine taking to the sky in a small plane instead. Picture your kiddo’s faces as they peer down at cars and trees and exclaim that they look like Hot Wheels and broccoli, instead of helping you keep an eye out for “Smokeys” and deer. Sound like it’s for you? Then it might be time to revisit learning to fly for real this time.

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