Victoria Davenport, CFII

As a former Correctional Sergeant and current Flight Instructor, training adults in a professional setting is no new task for Victoria. Since the spring of 2023, she has worked as an independent flight instructor in the Western Kentucky area. Victoria’s favorite part of instructing is having the opportunity to help her students achieve their goals.

“There is no better feeling than taking a child on their first Discovery Flight or helping a student pass a test they’ve worked so hard to prepare for. Being an instructor isn’t just an opportunity to build flight experience. It is a responsibility that isn’t to be taken lightly, and is (in my opinion) one of the best jobs in aviation.”

Victoria’s journey in the skies began in 2021 after she learned of a new aviation program being brought to her local community college. She was the first pilot to receive a license from the new program. Soon after achieving her Private, Victoria relocated to Northern Colorado where she obtained the remainder of her licenses and ratings through CFI. She has continued to “learn and earn”, obtaining her CFII and ME(IR) since joining Moses Aviation.

As someone who loves to challenge herself, she also enjoys golf, scuba diving, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

Victoria joined the Moses Aviation team in early 2024 with 300 hours of Dual given, so she’s no stranger to the right seat. Outside of instructing, Victoria has also enjoyed conducting volunteer flights for the Kentucky 4-H and EAA organizations.