Caitlin Scharer, CFII

Caitlin’s aviation journey has been a life-long adventure. Her first flight in a Cessna 172N model was at 3-years-old in the Seattle area, where she told her dad, “these are your controls, and these are mine.” Since then she has had a love for flying, and travel. As a college freshman, the flying bug bit her again and she decided to start flight training. Over the past six years, she earned seven licenses and ratings, and a college degree in International Political Science. Caitlin has a very broad understanding of Flight Training, as she learned to fly in four different states; Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Hawaii. Her current aviation goal is to complete a landing in all 50 states.

In her free time, she likes to go white water rafting, kayaking, skiing, and read with her grumpy 14 year-old-cat. Her love for travel is evident. Even at her young age, she has traveled to 29 countries, lived in two outside the United States, and visited 30 of our nation’s great states.

“I am looking forward to continuing my adventures and getting to know everyone, while helping other people learn to love flying as much as I do!”