Never Give Up

Sometimes the life’s path takes you away from your goals, but Russell Stidham of Del Rio never gave up! With his written expiring the day after his check ride was scheduled, he was under a lot more pressure than most Read more

Yes, I’m a Pilot!

Lots of hard work, many 6-hour driving trips from Laredo and several flight schools later, James Madrigales has joined the ranks of an elite group of people who can say “Yes, I’m a Pilot”! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!

Juan Solo

JULY 16, 2021Congratulations Juan Lopez of Del Rio! With just 9.8 hours to his name, he took to the sky to successfully complete his first solo flight. Can we all call him JUAN SOLO now?!?

Legal Eagle!

Congratulations to local business owner and Uvalde County Constable DAVID VALDEZ on his SOLO! He has been working hard on his Private Pilot’s License and it paid off big today!

COVID-19 GA “Vaccine”

If you have to travel, please listen to this 2-minute article from NPR/Texas Public Radio from September 18, 2018… way before the Coronavirus was at the forefront of the media, internet, and most American’s minds. The testing revealed common-sense wisdom in the where Read more